A conversation about (and a demonstration of) scoring music for film

October 23rd, 2021 (online only)

Costas Dafnis and Jim (“Sky”) Schuyler will discuss their experience scoring recent films, and will demonstrate how music can significantly alter (or support) the viewer's experience by sharing alternate scorings of clips from The Third Harmony and Overwhelm the Sky. We're including lots of time for questions and exploration.

The event is designed for people curious about film scoring or production, as well as for producers who are interested in a deeper view of how the scoring process can work.

(The registration page also contains the zoom online meeting link.)

*TAC is “Technology and Applied Composition” at SFCM

The Films
The Third Harmony Michael Nagler, Producer
(View the film) (film info on iMDB) Jim Schuyler, Original Score.
(Play the soundtrack album)

The Third Harmony TRAILER (2 minutes) from metta center on Vimeo.

View the film on Vimeo pay-per-view

Overwhelm the Sky Daniel Kremer, Producer
(View the film) (film info on iMDB) Costas Dafnis, Original Score

Official Trailer: Overwhelm the Sky (2019) from Daniel Kremer on Vimeo.

View the film now (pay-per-view)

Composers and Collaborators

Scores by

Costas Dafnis
“Sky” (Jim Schuyler)

Writing for film — A Sonic Indulgence
A Sonic Indulgence — A featurette describing the scoring of the film Indulgence by Leo Maselli
A Sonic Indulgence
A Sonic Indulgence

A Sonic Indulgence filmed and edited by Erik C. Parker on Vimeo.

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